My life was flipped upside down in the blink of an eye with some false allegations. The feelings of anxiety, depair, panic, paranoia, sadness, the unknown, not understanding, fear...etc... were dominating me. I was in a place I have never known and on the edge. I called Mr. DIngus. He listened to me . He understood me. He consoled me and spoke sense to me. He helped me to calm me and show me the realities of the situation. He assured me and helped me to keep it together with my world seemingly turned into an overnight horror. He went to work for me and things went exactly as he suggested that they should. He is a good man and a Christian. I am forever grateful for him being there for me during the lowest point of my existence. If you want an honest man that cares about you and doesn't treat you like a number then you should consider speaking with the very knowledgeable and compassionate Mr. Dingus. My family is forever grateful. This experience has made me want to be the best man, Christian, Husband, Father, neighbor, and stranger that I can be for every single day of the rest of my life. I will NEVER take this life for granted again. Thank you Jonathan Dingus for being there for me.

Sooner Mack

Panama City, FL

Mr Dingus is an excellent and very experienced lawyer and I would recommend his team whole heartedly. John represented me in several criminal cases as well as my custody family law case. He is the only attorney I will ever ask to help me. John will support you and educate you along the way explaining what is going on and what to expect. Mr. Dingus will stick with you and see it to the end he will earn your trust and respect. I trust him and his team with my life, my children and my freedom. He is very organized, knowledgeable and systematic. John is extremely well connected and well liked among his peers. John will fight for your freedom and protect your rights. If you need someone's help in a serious case then the only person to trust with your life is Johnathan Dingus.

Jennifer Boyette

Panama City, FL

It was pleasure to work together on my case concerning harassment from my neighbors. He a great listener, and knows the law and how to apply them. I highly recommend him, and he doesn't take you to the cleaners on cost. He's up front to beating around the bush.

Carol Cook

Panama City, FL

John handled a case for me involving my daughter. I felt from our initial interview that he would be honest and professional. We had to go to trial and I was not disappointed at all by his results. I would highly recommend Jonathan Dingus!

Camerin W.

Panama City, FL

He was always prompt to answer my questions he is very respected in and out of the court room He knows the law .. I had serious charges and was going to go to prison. I am very very grateful to him as he stood by my side and his paralegal .. He is a family man. and is very professional .. Don't take the chance without him .. Well respected in surrounding counties also.

Douglas Isaac

Parkland, FL

He and his staff are very thorough and well worth the money. As a divorce attorney I highly recommend him.

Letisia Maloney

Panama City, FL

I would recommend Mr. Dingus i waited to do a review after my case because i wanted to do a honest review. I had gotten into some trouble i called Mr. Dingus and we set up a meeting. It took 2 months to get my case dismissed but he got it done. He works well with all kinds of cases and people its very few lawyers that have this kind of mindset in Panama City. If he cannot help he will refer you to someone that will. If you get into trouble give Mr. Dingus a call first.

King Jackson

Panama City, FL

Mr. Dingus is an exceptional criminal attorney for felony and misdemeanor cases. My husband chose Mr. Dingus to represent him in multiple felony cases, in two counties, based on word of mouth and we are more than satisfied. My husband was looking at years in prison. Due diligence, professional correspondence, knowledge of law proceedings, thoughtfulness, timely response, proper filing...all combined to ensure my husband get the best result and judgement possible. 4 years prison down to 11/29 is more than we could have ever asked or prayed for. Thank you Mr. Dingus and Betty for fulfilling your assurances!


Panama City, FL