Veteran Trial Lawyer for All Types of Drug Offenses

There is no substitute for having investigated and tried a wide range of drug crime cases. We have experience dealing with charges involving marijuana, cocaine, heroin, Ecstasy, methamphetamine and prescription drugs including Hydrocodone and OxyContin, and with allegations of:

  • Illegal drug possession and purchase
  • Intent to sell, drug sales, delivery and trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing, cultivation and possession of listed chemicals
  • Additional factors such as weapons and firearm charges

Pursuing All Angles to Defend Your Rights and Protect Your Future

We have negotiated dismissals and won acquittals using a variety of defense strategies, successfully challenging:

  • "Constructive evidence" in a drug crime case where, for example, several people together in a car or hotel room are all charged
  • The legality of searches of people, vehicle and premises
  • A range of law enforcement actions in the course of arrest and detainment, such as traffic stops, sting operations, entrapment, confidential informants, and challenging any search warrant involved in the case.
  • We are familiar with alternative sentences and other remedies. Under certain circumstances, we can pursue pretrial intervention (PTI). This approach may enable you to avoid entering a plea or being sentenced if you complete substance abuse treatment, avoid new charges and meet other specific conditions.
  • Pleading guilty to drug possession to avoid having to return to Florida is a decision that could haunt you as you apply for college, seek financial aid, apply for new employment or pursue other opportunities. We defend many tourists and other visitors, working diligently to provide efficient, effective representation. We also understand the nuances of juvenile defense.
  • From negotiating assertively for our clients to pursuing appeals or post-conviction relief, we are capable and determined drug charge defense lawyers. For an initial consultation to discuss your legal options, please call our drug crime attorney (850) 784-3090 or email us.