Defending Your Rights and Building Your Best Case

With intense police enforcement in the Panama City area, especially in spring and summer, our experienced attorneys handle many drunk driving cases. We are well-equipped to defend you on any DUI charge, ranging from a misdemeanor first offense to felony multiple offenses, DUI manslaughter or vehicular homicide.

Our interview with you will be thorough, and we will look at every aspect of your incident and arrest, considering:

  • Results of your breath test, or the circumstances of your refusal to take one
  • Your driving patterns or other reasons for a traffic stop
  • Your performance on field sobriety tests, and whether video evidence exists
  • Statements made by you, police and witnesses
  • As a former prosecutor, I know how DUI cases are made, how they are prosecuted and where they can fall apart. Probing hard and finding weaknesses, we have earned numerous acquittals and negotiated reductions to reckless driving.

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Our DUI defense attorneys can help you appeal your driver's license suspension by the DHSMV if you contact us quickly after being arrested or receiving notice. We will provide skilled defense in your case, with full attention to your personal needs.